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Important Information

Although every effort is made to promote the desired genetic outcome, humans are complex organism. We can give you the tools (i.e. genetic material) to create the baby of the future, however environmental factors impact the final results and may cause some genes to not express themselves, resulting in a less desirable product. Nurture has been shown to alter phenotype expression. We assume you will spare no expense in the education and rearing of your child to ensure optimal expression of the chosen genetic material. Failure to do so renders our part of the creation void. Parenting is still a vital component of this commitment. For example, you may opt for the “believer” tag, which sets in motion the propensity for belief in a God System. However, there is no guarantee that your child will, as they grow, continue to believe in the God of your choice. Once they are adults, it is difficult to retain the environmental control necessary to reduce impact of other influences.

Disease and misfortune in humans is a fact of life. Just because you do not choose a disease or less desirable state, does not mean your child will escape such things. We unfortunately must build into our components the allowance for such adversity. For example if you choose a tag like compassion, we must structure in some form of setback to aid in the developmental expression of such a complex characteristic. This can be in the form of disease or malformation of the child, sibling or genetic altering of the parent figure.